The disposable vape pen is among one of the fastest-developing trends in the vape industry at the moment. Since the flavor ban dismissed pre-filled vape pods, these little vapes have become one of the most famous alternatives for JUUL users. 

This is on the grounds that they offer a similar level of comfort to the people who have been fond of JUUL. In truth, vaping devices like the Puff Bar Disposable may even beat the JUUL if convenience factor is considered.

Why have Puff Bar Disposables become so hot lately? Basically, JUUL was lord for some time due to their system offered ease with pre-filled flavored vape pods making vaping simpler than traditional mod and atomizer setups. Rather than managing coil replacement and filling e-liquids, you simply vape a pod and dispose it. 

Tragically, the fame of these systems spread to teenagers and underage patrons, inciting the government to force a restriction on flavored pre-filled pod devices. The JUUL flavors accessible on store racks or online are now tobacco and menthol based flavors. This has opened up the market for disposable vapes. Models like the Puff Bar disposable have promptly bustled in to fill the vacuum left by JUUL.

So as to give the vastest conceivable range of flavors, we keep fascinating brands in stock, each with infinite flavor alternatives to peruse. We offer the below-given brands:

  • Drag Bar
  • Puff Bar
  • Hyde Color
  • Eon
  • Killa Fruit
  • One Hit Wonder
  • Mr. Fog
  • Pop
  • SMOK

And Many More.

Disposables are not only alternatives for clients who need a JUUL-like feel. Truth be told, we additionally carry a wide range of refillable pod devices that work in a very similar manner like a JUUL and are similar in using it as well. A notable number of these pods originate from SMOK, a trusted vape producer, and offer better performance like a JUUL. 

These products mirror the basics of the JUUL system with one significant qualification, their pods need to be filled. While this may seem like a chore to some people, filling a pod takes only a few seconds and is very easy too. This also gives you the liberty to make your own flavor and make sure that the nicotine level is as per your convenience. Additionally, it does require some maintenance and charging as well. 

If you are someone who isn’t looking to do all of these chores, there is another alternative for you named “Disposable Vape”. They don’t require any sort of maintenance, refilling and charging. It truly is hassle-free. 

Though, if you are browsing on Device and Pods, you might notice that we do sell the conventional vape devices as well. We solely are dedicated to catering all your vaping needs and therefore, we also sell atomisers, e-liquids, coils and much more. 

Every single product is tried and tested by the team members of Device and Pods so as to ensure that they meet the quality standards. This implies to all new products and the existing ones as well. Device and Pods is, hence, your stop-shop for all your vaping needs.

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