Mr. Fog Drop Fuzzy Peach, Individual Disposable


Mr. Fog Drop Fuzzy Peach Disposable – 2 ML
  • 2 ML of Liquid
  • Ready to Use
  • Draw activated firing mechanism
  • No refilling
  • No charging and Maintenance
  • 6% of Nicotine Salt
  • Approximately 500-600 Puffs Equivalent to 3 JUUL Compatible Pods
  • Amazing Quality Flavor
  • 1 Disposable Device Per Package
  • Fully Disposable


About Mr.Fog Drop Fuzzy Peach Disposable:

Mr. Fog Drop Fuzzy Peach is a delightfully sweet vape with a perfect balance of juicy ripe peaches and Menthol! Firstly, this ideal show-stopper will leave you wanting for more and will make an everlasting impression in your souls after each vaping session. In addition, the flavor you will receive from each vape will have you looking forward to your next vape! In conclusion, get yourself a Mr. Fog Drop, sit down, and relax you will have the best vaping experience.  Be sure to buy today at Device and Pods and you could be eligible for free shipping! 


Features of Mr. Fog Drop:

  • This device gives 500-600 puffs which are equivalent to 3 compatible Juul Pods. 
  • It is compact in view of its design. 
  • No charging is required in this one as it is a disposable vape. 
  • No maintenance is requested too. 
  • Gets naturally actuated once you take a puff. 
  • This Disposable pen vape has an exceptionally great programmed structure to it.  In other words, it is even advantageous to utilize. It is molded like a pen. 
  • This Fuzzy Peach disposable Device is without a mess. This is on the grounds that there is no topping off required in it.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs

Mojito, Holy Water, Newton Apple, Refresh, Moon Drop, Strawmelon, Fuzzy Peach

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