R&M Switch Blue Raz Lush Ice, Individual Disposable


R&M Switch Blue Raz Lush Ice – 2000+ Puffs
  • 8 ML of Liquid
  • Ready to Use
  • No Refilling
  • No charging and Maintenance
  • 2000+ puffs approx
  • Top Quality in the Market
  • Contains 6% nicotine


About R&M Switch Blue Raz Lush Ice:

R&M Switch Blue Raz Lush Ice Disposable is the only vape on the market that will allow you to switch flavors as you please!!! With each puff in this disposable, you can switch back and forth between two flavors!! In this case, this R&M (Rick and Morty) Switch will allow you to switch between a sweet blue raz flavor and a cool lush ice flavor!! This flavor switch feature is one of kind and can not be found anywhere!!! Each disposable contains 8mL 6% nicotine salt e-liquid!! Also, you will get 2000 puffs with each disposable so you will not be running out anytime soon!!! Be sure to grab all 6 double flavors so you can taste all 12 variations!!!!  Buy today at Device and Pods and you could be eligible for free shipping!

Features of R&M Switch:

  • R&M Switch Disposable’s small and portable design makes this dispensable the ideal throughout the day convey that won’t quit on you.
  • Each R&M Switch contains 8mL of fluid that will keep going throughout the day.
  • As it does not require charging, you do not need to worry about losing battery. So you won’t be coming up short on liquid at an unfavorable time.
  • This disposable vape contains 60 mg of nicotine. 
  • The device has an activated firing mechanism technology which makes it ready to use. 
  • Each disposable has a cool Rick and Morty inspired design!

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs

Peach Lemonade Mango Ice, Cotton Candy Blue Raz, Blue Raz Lush Ice, Banana Ice Grape, Strawberry Cool Mint, Gummy Bear Pina Colada

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