With regards to vaping, there are various ways to do it. You can envision there are even more ways to purchase them. Vaping altogether is an expensive activity. But if you look for the right sellers, you may get yourself the right prices that aren’t too expensive.

We’ve got a rundown on the top vape wholesale distributors in USA but before that, there are few things you need to consider before choosing the most appropriate wholesaler. 

What Should You Look For While Selecting The Best Vape Wholesale Distributor?

Usually, wholesalers all keep similar guidelines on various instants, quantities, and costs. Below stated are some points that you should take into consideration while opting for the best vape wholesaler. 

Minimum Order Requirement:

The most significant thing to comprehend with wholesalers is the minimum order quantity. When buying from a wholesaler, they will set a minimum order prerequisite; this lets you know the minimum quantity of the item you are permitted to buy from them.

Delivery Policy: 

This goes directly alongside the area. Check the company’s shipping policy to discover what their delivery cutoff time is. Consider which timezone the company is in. For instance, if a company situated in California makes some cutoff time of early afternoon, and one in New York makes some cutoff time at 1 pm, it is really easier and convenient to get your items delivered that day from the California one.

Transportation Cost: 

Various USA Vape Distributor companies offer free transportation if your request is over a specific quantity. Some may not offer free delivery, yet limited or sponsored rates if you order over a specific amount. You should factor in transportation costs when you take a gander at estimating their products. A company that offers free two-day delivery will probably have marginally more significant expenses on a few things than a company that charges you the full expense of transportation.

Additionally, we also recommend you to go through their return and support policies as well. 

Top 5 Vape Wholesale Distributors in the USA:

Here are the top 5 vape wholesalers in USA:

Device and Pods:

Device and Pods is one of a kind vape store based in the US. They believe in providing its customers with more than what they pay for in terms of their services and maintaining a great customer relationship. Offers a large variety of vape products, vaping accessories and e-liquids. In order to place a wholesale order, you need to file an application on the website and voila! 


Vapors Planet is another company that tops our list. They have a loyalty reward program, they offer a notable return on the orders that you place. The wholesale customers receive a credit amount in their account if they meet a certain spending amount. 


Found in 2005, VapeWorld is one of the best wholesale distributors in the market. Exacting to furnish a customer-catering experience. They give an amazingly quick turnaround on orders and product positions, and their services are speedy and proficient.


Nicopure is an extraordinary choice for selves who need a wide rounded arrangement that is incredible in all angles. Offering a full program for wholesalers, you get different features when using their services; not simply the products. Moreover, they have a customer loyalty programme too. 

Direct Vapor

DirectVapor intends to give a solution to corporations and small businesses, so buying on an individual basis most likely isn’t the right choice with this supplier. You can expect a high minimum order. 


I hope you got the right list to decide your preferred vape wholesale distributors in USA. If you have any comments on top vape wholesale supplier in USA, please share it in the comment section, so the list could be made more intuitive.

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